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TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY / Re: Who's Scanning?
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:35:49 pm »
I worked for a metal siding/cladding company, and we installed aluminum composite panels. Had some problem using laser scanning, because sales representative told me to go look for the two endpoints of the distance I wanted to measure in the software, and well this was not precise enough, because once you zoom in, in a group of points to pick the point, itís not clear what you are measuring, and there are just too many points clustered together so you donít know which one to pick. I would love to hear from you guys which applications you use to adapt the information from the scan to a 3D model so that it can be a true representation of the built environment. Itís important to mention that I was looking for a 1 to 2mm precision.

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