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We have provided IFC files of our design model to a Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to serve as the basis for cutting the SIP panels. This process involved some back and forth with the fabricator before we finally got it all sorted out, but in the end the fabricator successfully cut the SIP panels using our model.

The software used to fabricate the SIP panels originated from Germany and required some updates (based upon the way IFC was interpreted), as this was almost 2 years ago now. We have since leveraged this approach successfully on several subsequent projects.

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That might be a great way to keep people informed of BSi activities.

I think John's question was focused around bSC however....

About Calgary BIM Community (cBIMc)

cBIMc exists to connect members of Calgary’s AECO industry that share a common interest in BIM (Building Information Modeling). cBIMc welcomes anyone with a passion for BIM, Sustainable Design and/or Integrated Project Delivery from Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator (AECOO) community.

cBIMc hold meetings bi-monthly that include presentations from vendors, cBIMc members and opportunity to network with other members of the Calgary AECO community.

Terms of Reference

Mission • Expand awareness of BIM processes and technology to local contractors, designers, consultants, developers, and facility managers.

Mandate •To advocate the adoption of BIM for design, construction and operation within the Calgary, Alberta AECOO environment.

Objectives • Encourage BIM use and collaboration between member firms • To establish and disseminate best practices for BIM processes • Establish and maintain relationships with Canadian BIM organizations (eBIMc, BIMbc, aceBIM, Institute for BIM in Canada, Building Smart Canada and Canada BIM Council, etc.). • Establish and maintain relationships with product vendors (Autodesk, Bentley, GraphiSoft, Tekla, etc.).

Structure and Governance • Maintain preference for Alberta-based projects/companies, but open at all times to discussing / leveraging experience from Canadian and International practices. • Case Studies: • Software Demonstrations:

You can find us on the web at:


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